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The Sims 4 Game

Many people demands me to upload this awesome installment on my web today you can play only on their demands our hero have very big family. You can also download Hitman 3 contracts game which will also definitely entertain you a lot you need to buy vehicles from the garage in expensive rates.


The Sims 4 PC Game Free Download

System Requirements

  • Graphics card : 4 GB
  • RAM : 8 GB
  • Processor : INTEL Core i-7
  • Windows : XP,7,8,8.1 and 10

How To Install

Just watch the complete video tutorial by clicking the below installation button you will get this lovely series the sims 4 game for PC.

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  1. what is the license key? can anybody tell me.. thankyouu

  2. Brother there is no license key
    Click on installation button and watch the video carefully it will help you 100 percent 😉

  3. game is working, but, i dont have cc 🙁 i download hair, clothes but in game i dont have it, please help me

  4. There is a license key please tell me @momin shah

  5. Brother there is no licence key
    Click on installation button and watch how to install this game

  6. how do i get the toddler update?

  7. how do i update this to get toddler expansion pack?

  8. how do i get the toddler update for this game?

  9. I'll update a post for that.

  10. after I extract it..it dont show the setup…pls help

  11. First of all click on white installation button and watch the video if you still got any kind of problem then ask me here again.

  12. Does this work on laptop or does it need to be on desktop. Cause my desktop is very old. I just gotten a new laptop. I just wondering about it.

  13. uhh help were is the video helpp pleaseee

  14. bro click on installation guide white button there is a video watch it.

  15. does it work for windows vista with an outdated chrome?

  16. Is there toddlers in this? If not can I please get an updated link then?

  17. is that game updated 2017, is ti?
    please reply

  18. is there gonna be a virus on my laptop?

  19. Not at all bro it's safe 100 Percent.

  20. Can I run this with 4 gb ram?

  21. Does this actually work?? PLEASE REPLY
    @momin shah

  22. if it asks for license key I must tell in video click on white installation picture.

  23. i can't download it. it said 'this is full link' … help

  24. bro click on up blue download button now "this is full link"..

  25. Where did i get the ultraiso? It's no longer on the link

  26. Now No need ultraiso for this game.

  27. after extract, it show "The Sims Create a Sim Demo" ??

  28. Click on white installation button and follow my video how I install this game,.

  29. After click the blue download button, it will download automatically right? And then?

  30. yes
    after that download and install the game simply.

  31. if my computer only has 4gb ram will it work?

  32. Can you add custom content to the game? (if so, how?) :0

  33. after the installation when I am trying to run the game > the dynamic library “rlld.dll” failed to load. please confirm that: 1) the folder was copied over the same folder as the cracked executable.
    2) the antivirus software is not false-detecting the file.


  34. do I have to download sims 4 before I can download the other extension packs like sims 4 get to work

  35. where to download ultraiso?

  36. AlexandraIoana


  37. I like to play this game😁😁😁

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